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How to Incorporate Pets into a Priti Sweet Wedding

Your pets hold a special place in your heart, so they should be included on your big day. Below are some suggestions on how to do so:

1) Have your pet walk down the aisle prior to the bridal entrance. The pet can be held or walked down by a ring bearer or junior bridesmaid. Check out our “DIY: Pretty Pets for Priti Sweet Weddings (LINK)” blog on how to dress up your furry friends. You could decorate the collar, leash or even add a bow tie to go along with your wedding theme. Another option is to have your pet be the ring bearer and attach the rings to his collar before he walks down the aisle.

2) Your wedding day is going to fly by so quickly, so you want to capture those special moments with the people and pets you love! Don’t forget to include your furry pals into the photo sessions with the bridal party, with the bride and groom and of course solos! After all they did get dressed up for a reason! Caution: Your pets may steal your spotlight!

3) Pets can be incorporated into your Save the Dates and Thank You cards. Get professional pictures taken with your dog either from the engagement photo shoot or from the wedding. Include a picture of the couple and pets on your stationary and your guests will be mesmerized.

4) Include your pets into the wedding décor. During cocktail hour, have pictures of the couple and the pets framed and placed on the escort table or on easels.

5) Wedding cakes will not only be your main dessert at the reception, but can also be a decorative statement piece. Jazz it up by including a cake topper of the bride, groom and pet! Don’t forget to share some cake with your pets too!

Most importantly, enjoy your wedding day with your best pal pets!