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Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

Did you thin k that wedding planners are for the rich and famous only?! That is no longer the case. Wedding planners are becoming a necessity and are reasonable. Couples want to enjoy the day of their wedding because months of planning is going to fly by in less than 10 hours on their wedding day. Might as well enjoy every minute of it and let someone else be responsible for the organization and execution of the timeline. There are numerous reasons to hire a wedding planner, but here are the top 5 that are beneficial for every couple:

1) FOR VALUABLE EXPERTISE – Wedding planners know the wedding market inside and out. They know the latest trends, the best vendors, affordable contacts and much more. Without experience, it’s hard to know what is or isn’t a good deal, how to make wise financial decisions and avoid making major mistakes that couples often do. You would be surprised but many times planners have to be the couple’s confidant and a shoulder to lean on. This is likely one of the most happiest, yet stressful times of your life and we are here for you!

2) TO SAVE MONEY – Yes, by hiring a wedding planner you will actually save money. Wedding planners know the secrets on how you can cut cost and vendors that provide good deals for the planner’s clients. At the end of the planning, majority of your wedding planning cost will be returned back to you if you pick the right planner! Wedding planners can help manage your budget and stay within or come under your budget! Not only will you save money with a wedding planner, but you will save time because planners have already done all the leg work for you. Time is precious, time is money!

3) TO HAVE SOMEONE TRUSTWORTHY – Your wedding day is one of your most important days of your lives and you want it to go smoothly. Times have changed and no one wants to burden a friend or family member to run around and make sure everything is on time and set-up according to the bride’s wishes. It’s important to have someone at your wedding that is solely there to keep the wedding organized and on time. Even if you are on a budget, go for a smaller service and get a day of coordinator who can run around the day of your wedding. When hiring a wedding planner shop around and make sure you find someone that you can get along with, trust and understands your style. Then sit back and relax!

4) YOU DECIDE HOW MUCH HELP IS NEEDED – Many couples are scared to hire a planner because they are afraid to lose control of the wedding or they are a DIY bride. Luckily, all wedding planners have at least three types of packages that can also fit any budget. There is a complete planning package for the bride that doesn’t want to plan any details. Then there is the day of coordination package, where brides have done all the planning and need organization and timeline assistance a month prior to the wedding, as well as, on-site coordination on the wedding day. Lastly, there is a partial package where planners typically get involved 4 to 6 months in advance to help the couple get organized and finalize details with their vendors.