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Tips On Getting Your Flower Girl/Ring Bearer Down The Aisle

1. Emphasize the importance of the flower girl’s and ring bearer’s roles in the days leading up to the ceremony. It will make them feel special and want to do a good job.

2. Have the little munchkins practice walking down the aisle at home, wedding rehearsal and before the ceremony begins, so they feel comfortable during the ceremony. Practice makes perfect!

3. No hangry tantrums allowed! Make sure kids are well fed, so they will be more likely to cooperate. Have a gift bag or box of healthy and fun snacks that will keep them well-fed and occupied after they walk down the aisle. Crackers, cookies, chips, crayons and coloring/activity pages will keep the entertained throughout the ceremony.

4. Positive reinforcement! Let them know they will be receiving candy or a toy at the end of the aisle to encourage their cooperation. Have someone waiting at the other end with the treat so the kids can see their reward.

5. Have a walking buddy. Pairing up the ring bearer and flower girl if they are toddlers will make them less shy walking down the aisle in front of a large crowd. Parents can also walk with their child as it’s better than not walking down at all! Have a planner to help these details go smoothly!