Pets are an important part of your family, so why not include them in your wedding. Here are some unique ways for your pets to be ready for your wedding!

For the collar you could use flowers or leaves of choice and wrap it around a wire or existing collar for a natural look. Extend the leaves into a garland, so it can be a leash if you plan not to hold your pet. If you want 2 kids walking down your pet the leash can extend 2 ways for either kids or junior bridesmaids to hold. I would recommend using the same flowers, leaves and colors that are being used in the wedding bouquets. For a more sophisticated look use a bow or bandana that matches the wedding colors for your pet.

Another option is to put a ribbon over your pet’s neck then tie a bow. Make sure you don’t tie the ribbon too tight! Then add a bunch of roses or baby’s breath on one side of the pet’s ribbon to dress it up.

If you are not a DIY bride, then your wedding florist can easily make the collar and leash. Now your pets are ready for adorable bridal party pictures and to party the night away! Pretty pets make Priti Sweet Weddings